Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tank 336 - 10 November 2K12 (Short Week, will it be a Short Post?)

So I put more gas in the Mighty Corolla over the weekend, after driving it only 382.7 miles. I went to the Sheetz that's kind of near the house, and bought 10.807 gallons of gas there. So my mileage for the tank was a less-than-good 35.41 mpg.

This was my 35th tank of gas for the year. Last year, I pumped the 35th tank on November 13. I ended up with 39 tanks of gas in 2011, and it appears I'll end up at 38, maybe 37 tanks for this year, due to the office move. 2013 looks like there'll be even fewer tanks. My daily round trip is now normally 39 miles, whereas before it was closer to 67 miles.

And the long-circuitous-super-secret back way home from the old office that was like 45 or 50 miles but kept me moving the whole time, well that's just about exactly my current method of driving home, so it appears that my days of long-meandering drives home are mostly over. Unless I act all foolish and indecisive and choose to take a super messed up way home.

Anyway, over last weekend I got some good bike riding in, and in fact on Monday (Veteran's Day Holiday Observed) I went on a delightful bike ride with my lovely wife. We actually drove to Mount Vernon, but when we got there we busted out the bicycles and rode a paved bike path about 14 miles towards Washington DC and ate a little picnic lunch of sub sandwiches at a park near Ronald Wilson Reagan National Airport where landing planes flew directly over our heads as they landed. It was fun.

So that was about three hours of riding, added to my normal ride on Saturday, so I entered my three-day work week with a sub-12-hour deficit between my time riding my bike and time commuting to and from work in my car. There are nine work days left in November, and nine nonwork days. It's quite likely I'll have a couple three long rides to help chip more away at the deficit here, plus a couple three healthy wellness bike rides at work. I'm feeling more and more confident that this goal is going to be met and my resolution will be kept.

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