Monday, July 2, 2012

Ended June Ahead - Bicycling Likely to Win

As July begins, I am pleased that the bicycling time for the year is only about 32.6 hours behind my car commuting time. When I ended January with a 7-hour deficit, I had expected that by the end of June it would be about 42 hours that I'd be needing to make up by the end of the year.

Happily, my bike rides have been increasing in duration and I'm going into July with a smaller than anticipated deficit.

With new Thursday afternoon meetings at the new building, my Thursday commutes home will probably remain shorter than average, which may keep the gap from growing as rapidly as it had been for the first several months of the year.

I'm scheduled for 19 work days this month (July), but at least one of those "work days" I will be going in late, so I ought to be able to get a decent bike ride in early in the day.

More and more, I am becoming increasingly confident that I will ride my bike for more time than I spend driving to and from work in my car.

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