Friday, July 6, 2012

July So Far - 286 Minutes Commuting, 249 Minutes Riding

Thanks to the mid-week holiday and a partial work day yesterday, my bicycling has generally kept pace with my car commuting. There's a difference of less than 40 minutes, which I expect to recover during a long ride on Saturday morning. Expecting a normal commute home this afternoon of perhaps 85 minutes, my anticipated ride tomorrow will make the week end up with the bicycling time winning by perhaps as much as an hour.

I'm not sure what to expect for my drive home this afternoon. It's supposed to be a bajillion degrees outside, plus it's a Friday, so I expect "hilarity will ensue," but also with the Wednesday holiday, I suppose many people are making a long weekend out of it.

But whatever. I don't have much of a say in what the traffic will look like on my way home, so I'll obviously need to manage it regardless of its speediness.

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