Monday, July 9, 2012

15 (or 14) Commute Days Left, 8 (or 9) Riding Days Left in July

I had a good weekend with two good bike rides that totaled about 67 miles and about 4 hours.

With my recent commute times being a little shorter than average (thank you, Thursday afternoon meetings at the new building!), today's updated pie chart of destiny shows a 46-54 split (thank you, rounding!).

The car commute time is still about 31 and a half hours ahead of the bike riding time, which is totally acceptable. Like I have a choice, really. It is what it is.

Coming up the next two Saturdays, though, I have been signed up for an horrible training of some sort on those two days, which means I won't be able to get in a long morning ride on those days. But also coming up, if the weather holds out, is a fun trip with my friend John to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway. That ought to even things up a little bit.

And tomorrow I expect to add more gas to the Mighty Corolla, so I'll have a mileage update to post. I'm not expecting it to be a great result. I think it's because I've spent a lot of little run around town trips over the weekend and holiday. Plus I've been running the air conditioning in that car like nobody's business on account of the heat.

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