Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Family Travels in the Mighty Corolla

We took all the family trips Friday and Saturday in the Corolla. The
five of us took it out to lunch, to a free car wash, and to a weekend
"block party" sponsored by the local radio station.

The good news is that in town, the Corolla probably gets double the
mileage of the green minivan we usually use.

The bad news is it'll probably lower my overall mileage number for this
tank, since most of the time the Corolla is just used for commuting on
the highway, and maybe one local trip over the weekend.

An episode of Mythbusters yesterday studied drafting, and it showed that
mileage improves even if you're 7-10 carlengths behind a tractor

Mileage is even better if you can go 55 mph rather than 65 on the
highway, but that causes more of a traffic backup and wastes more gas
overall (due to all those other cars braking and speeding up to pass and
braking again) than one car's savings can justify.

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