Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tank 120 - 14 June 2007

Filled this morning at the Woodbridge Costco again. 410.1 miles on
10.916 gallons, making for 37.57 mpg.

I knew this would happen for two reasons. First, my mileage almost
always goes down the tank right after a "great mileage" tank, say 39 mpg
or higher. Second, we used the Corolla for two days of family jaunts
around town over last weekend.

I think this tank would have been 38 mpg or better had it stayed in the
garage over the weekend.

Still, 37.57 is better than my overall average of 36.33, and better than
my 2997 average of 37.09.

Interestingly, it was just about one year ago that I managed my best
mileage ever, 41.06 mpg. The tank right after was 36.13 mpg, a drop of
4.93 mpg. This tank's drop of 2.24 mpg is half that.

Gas last june 12 was $2.729 per gallon, the exact same price I paid this
morning, 367 days and 17,146 miles later.

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