Monday, June 25, 2007

Tank 121 - 25 June 2007

Achieved 38.01 mpg on this tank, raising my overall average for 2007 to
37.13 mpg. If I stopped at the first click of the pump, my mileage
would have been over 39.

I traveled 427.2 miles on 11.238 gallons, at a cost of $2.699 per
gallon. Last year at this time, gas was nine cents cheaper per gallon.
This tank cost me $1.01 more than it would have at the end of last June.

Since I pumped my tires up to 40 psi, I have not really noticed a huge
increase in my overall mileage. Perhaps it is because we are using the
mighty Corolla more on the weekends for local trips in town.

I actually went about 30 miles around town on Friday and Saturday,
taking the kids to and from camp, and to the grocery store. The low
fuel light was on the entire time. I was quite concerned that I might
not make it to Costco this morning to fill up.

Actually, there have been 21 tanks that have needed more than 11 gallons
to fill up, and today's was the ninth most gas I have ever had to put in
the car, and the seventh highest total of miles per tank (four of those
seven, and six of the top ten, happened this year).

I should be able to go all this week without filling up, and will be on
a short vacation early next week. I may not need to put gas in the car
again until July 9, which would tie the longest stretch of time between

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