Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tank 113 - April 25, 2007

Filled up with 11.003 gallons after travelling 409.7 miles in 8 days.
37.24 miles per gallon. Gas was $2.649 per gallon at Costco today.

This was the fifth tank in a row that I was able to go more than 400
miles. I think my new job, although farther away from home, is a good
distance to allow enough round trips to crack 400 miles just as the
"empty light" comes on.

I am on track to use 42 tanks of gas this year, down from 46 in 2006,
and 48 in 2005. However, I am also using more gallons per tank, so
total gallons may turn out to be higher.

There's a new Costco opening up near my office next week. This should
help me to push the envelope and perhaps start hitting close to 440
miles per tank on a regular basis.

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