Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's all in how you say it

I am a member of Peerflix, which is sort of like Napster used to be
except instead of downloading songs you mail actual DVDs to people. You
can offer up a DVD you bought but don't like, and when someone else
wants it, you mail it to him and get credits towards getting a different
one mailed to you.

Peerflix is also sort of like Netflix, except not quite as fast, but way
less expensive.

I stopped sending and requesting movies when I found myself happy with
my inventory of Donnie Darko and Ferris Bueller. I'd love to trade
Bounce, but fear nobody else wants it, either.

Last week I saw I had 11 credits left, so rather than let them sit
unused I requested a girl movie to watch with my wife. It came in the
mail yesterday, and my wife saw it but left it unopened.

When we talked about the delivery, she asked what movie it was. I
summoned up my deepest, most sinister voice and quietly rumbled, "The
Devil. Wears. PRADA!"

She leaned back and said "eww! You're watching that one alone!"

Now I am not sure she believes me when I told her it really is a girl
movie, and Meryl Streep was nominated for an Academy Award for her part
in it! I showed her the DVD has a picture of a high-heeled shoe on it,
too, but she remains skeptical.

Perhaps we will have the opportunity this week to watch it. At this
point, it may turn out to be a movie that neither of us like: me because
it's a girl movie, and my wife because at first she thought it was about

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  1. Just tried to check it out and saw that the domain name is available. Not a good sign.