Monday, April 23, 2007


Two weeks ago I read an article about these new basketball shoes called
Starburys. Stephon Marbury, of the NY Knicks, started the brand in
response to the high prices of other brand name basketball shoes.

There's a line of sneakers, shorts, shirts, and jackets with the
"Starbury" brand, and nothing is more than $14.98. Marbury himself
allegedly wears these shoes when he plays.

So I Googled the name "Starbury" and see these can only be bought at a
store called "Steve & Barry's." And it turns out there's one of these
stores right near my work!

After two trips to check them out, I bought a pair last Friday. There
was a severe shortage of size 12 sneakers, so I bought a pair of low
tops that probably would have been my third pick had the shelves been
fully stocked. That being said, these new sneakers certainly are the
most stylish shoes I have bought in a long time, maybe ever.

Although my opinion might change after a couple days of wearing them,
for now I remain proud of my purchase and am excited that a famous
athlete has started this line of truly affordable sneakers.

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  1. I wanted to get a pair, but I was never able to get them.