Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day 2007

Yesterday was Earth Day, although I didn't know it at the time. I had
not made any other special plans so we went to church as usual.

After the sermon, there was a special guest, a member who works for the
state conservation department. He talked about how other congregations
across the country are active in environmental causes in their own way.

He then talked about how our church can do the same, and as a first
step, he had arranged for each family to receive a small tree to take
home and plant.

There was a Jamestown Cherry Oak sapling available for each family that
wanted one. After the service, it was clear that there would be many
extras, so we were able to take four saplings, which we planted in our
back yard in strategic locations.

What is very interesting about this turn of events is that earlier this
year I was talking with my wife, and mentioned that it'd be cool if we
could plant five trees in out back yard this year.

A few weeks ago we planted a cedar tree in the back yard, and these four
new ones allowed us to achieve that goal.

Coincidence? Perhaps not.

I keep my fingers crossed that these four new saplings will grow and
fluorish in my back yard in the upcoming years. And I am happy that my
three children were excited about our small part we took in planting
these new trees for Earth Day.

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