Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tank 330 - 5 September 2K12 (First Tank on New Commute)

My new trip to work is about 19 miles. It used to be about 33 miles. My new trip to work is about half on curvy, hilly, country roads. It ised to be almost all on the interstate.

With this in mind, my last tank was mostly commutes to and from the new office, so I got a mileage of 34.63 miles per gallon (11.310 gallons for 391.7 miles). But I did go 12 days between tanks of gas, so that was nice. I've only gone 12 days between tanks on two other occasions this year.

Meanwhile, I rode my bike over a hundred miles over the three-day weekend, and as of this moment am just shy of 39 hours short of riding my bike for as long as I have commuted in my car for the year. With the new commute, I'm in the car for just shy of an hour each day, so theoretically if I do three healthy wellness rides at work each week, plus a two-hour ride on one day of the weekend, I'll stay even. But I'm not quite back to normal with being able to take healthy wellness bike rides at the office just yet, as there are things I need to do at the old office still, which takes time in my day and causes me to feel guilty about exercising when I spend a couple hours out of the office at the old building anyway.

This weekend I'm signed up for a century ride, so that ought to chip away at least 6 hours from this difference. Plus, it'll be like a day of bike riding so I'm really excited about that.

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