Friday, August 31, 2012

August Roundup

So the month is ending, the office has moved, and there's a deficit of 43 and a half hours to chip away at over the next four months.

I rode my bike for about a thousand minutes in August, which is much less than I have been riding before. I rode almost 1500 minutes in July, and over 1700 minutes in June. September ought to get better, as I'm registered for a century ride next weekend and will be able to continue healthy wellness rides at the office.

I did manage to experience an healthy wellness ride at the office this week, but only for 40 minutes and 10 miles. My start time was delayed because of an unannounced visitor to my cube for a visit that lasted much longer than it needed to.

The neighborhood across from my new office appears to have almost enough roads that I can crisscross the whole area in about an hour without much overlap or repeating any road. And it's pretty flat. But there are stop signs that I slow down for and stop at when there's car traffic.

After two weeks, my new morning commute is averaging 28 minutes, vice 41 minutes over the previous months. And my commute home has averaged 40 minutes, vice 59 minutes in recent months. So that's about 42 fewer minutes of driving each day. Not bad!

My commute is now about 19 miles to the new building. It was about 33 miles to the old building, so a prevention of 28 miles of driving each day, or about 140 miles a week, close to 7,000 miles I won't be driving in the next year, about 190 gallons of gas I won't be using, close to $700 I won't be spending on that gas, about $12 a week not spent on gas.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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