Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tank 331 - 13 September 2K12

This morning I refueled the gas tank at the Wawa in Stafford. Gas was $3.729 per gallon, which is the most I have paid per gallon since 29 April, and higher than the average for the year of $3.496 per gallon.

Still, for 11.763 gallons, the cost of $43.86 is just marginally higher than the price I have usually paid for gasoline this year. Got a mileage of 36.89 mpg, which is okay but not what I have grown accustomed to.

It's becoming obvious that my new commute, while shorter, will require a little more gas over those fewer miles. And that's okay. Early statistics appear to indicate I'm spending much less time in the car now that the office has moved. Like 43 minutes less each day.

Meanwhile, The bike riding time is just about 34 hours behind the car commuting time. That's roughly 12 hours to make up for each month between now and the end of the year, if I want to achieve my goal of riding my bike for more time than commuting to and from work in my car. About three hours a week to make up.

In August, I rode my bike for about 18 hours, but commuted for about 25 hours. But August was just about my least-bike-ridden month. Indeed, I rode for 24 hours in July, and 29 hours in June. And the last three months of the year will see more vacation days due to Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I think this will totally happen.

In fact, I think I'll go out for a healthy wellness bike ride this afternoon at work!


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