Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tank 318 - 16 May 2K12 (Was It The Coasting?)

Refueled early this morning at the Fas Mart near my house for the fourth consecutive time in a row. The Mighty Corolla had gone 442.3 miles, which is pretty far for a tank of gas, and I put in 10.943 gallons of gas.

So my mileage was 40.42 mpg. It's only the second time this year that I've gotten over 40 mpg, and the other time I did it, I also got 40.42 miles per gallon. Weird!

Also like last time, my 40.42 mpg mark was preceded by a tank that achieved "bad" mileage of less than 37 miles per gallon (36.84 mpg this time, 36.73 mpg last time). I'm not sure what to make of this piece of information.

I recently bought a new battery for the car. The old one died. I think it may have been the original battery, but not certain, because that would have made for the battery to be about 8 years old, which is pretty old for a car battery I think.

But anyway, with my new battery I feel confident that when I turn off the engine and coast down the long hills during slow rush hour traffic, that the car will re-start when I need it to at the bottom of the hills. I've done that a few times over the course of this last tank, and a couple of those times I coasted for 90 seconds or more with the engine off.

It should be stressed that I only do this not-completely-safe trick while in the far right, or "slow" lane, which affords me a shoulder of road to coast on to in the unlikely event the car won't restart.

Tomorrow is "ride your bike home from work day" for me, because I am not scheduled to work on the official "ride your bike to work day" on Friday. And I'm lazy and don't want to ride my bike both ways tomorrow. That would be like an 80-mile round trip, since I can't ride my bike on the interstate.

So my friend John will pick me up on his way to work and drop me off at my office.

There's an "offsite meeting" scheduled for tomorrow as well. It's less than 10 miles away and on my way home. So my trip home will be broken into two medium-sized rides. I suppose that will work out pretty good for me, as long as there's a place for me to change back into my Friday clothes when I get to the offsite location.

Maybe I can get myself uninvited to the meeting.


  1. Go for it! Do the round trip!

  2. Are you gonna tell us about the picture of you(or somebody)milking a cow??