Friday, May 25, 2012

Forget This, I'm Riding My Bike Home Again! (also, tank 319 - 24 May 2K12)

I'm mega-fed-up with spending 90 minutes in the Mighty Corolla just to get home from work. It's boring and dull and I don't like how other drivers seems to think the lane they picked isn't the right one.

Just pick a lane and stay in it already! I camp out in the slow lane and generally keep pace with you all who weave in and out of the other lanes!

This week has generally been a bad week to drive home, with an average commute of 73 minutes. This takes into account one day that I actually left for home from a meeting that was about 9 miles closer to home than normal. My average commute home from the actual office has been 84 minutes.

I expect that this afternoon's rush will be massive, with people leaving work and home early to drive south to experience their rightfully-deserved first vacation of a lifetime for the year, and since they'll all want to leave early, the main roads will be packed with cars.

Because I'm riding my bike home again today!

So take that, everyone!

And then I'll wake up early tomorrow morning (Saturday) and ride my bike back up here to my office and drive the Mighty Corolla home in the cool of the early morning! It's totally a win-win situation: I miss out on the torture of sitting in my car this afternoon, plus I get two good bike rides to chip away at my (too large) deficit of almost 40 hours between commuting and bike riding.

So although I'll probably end this month with a deficit of more than my hoped-for 35 hours, I think it's all still looking good- I've got a pile of use-or-lose vacation that I'll start using in June and July, and maybe I can do this bike ride home trick a couple more times as well.

Oh, and also I put gas in the Corolla yesterday afternoon and got 37.72 miles per gallon.

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  1. I started commuting by bike last year because I just couldn't stand the traffic (and it was expensive). I still drive sometimes, but it really makes me appreciate why I don't!