Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tank 227 - 23 March 2K10

The last three tanks I have refilled at the 7-11 near my office. I have
been at two different pumps, and neither has provided me with a receipt.
It's not that big of a deal, but I suspect this 7-11 is just lazy and
saves money by not replacing the receipt paper.

So I put in 12.013 gallons after going 461.8 miles, which, on paper,
makes for mileage of 38.44 mpg. Normally I find this reason to cheer,
as I paid particular attention to coasting down hills, accelerating
within reason, and overall trying hard to drive in a consistent manner
with little braking. However, on this new tank, I have gone 136 miles
and the fuel gauge is already a little down past the 3/4 full mark.
Normally when I am getting good mileage, I have gone about 150 miles
when the needle hits the 3/4 mark.

So I believe that the 7-11 pump just shut off earlier than the other

But I had to try a new pump at the 7-11 because the one I had used twice
before had not issued a receipt. Thus, my fuel economy this tank may be
misrepresented because I went to a different pump.

Still, with all this variation due to different pumps, my average fuel
economy so far for 2K10 is 36.34 miles per gallon, which is 1.11 mpg
lower than 2009. But the year is still young.

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