Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tanks 228 and 229 - 1 and 12 April 2K10

Deepest apologies for neglecting my effort to update last tank, in which
I went 418.6 miles on 11.242 gallons and achieved 37.24 miles per

Yesterday I refueled at a new gas station, the Sunoco of Triangle! I
squoze in 11.729 gallons and had gone 450.6 miles on the tank. I ended
up getting 38.42 miles per gallon, but for some reason was thinking it
would be over 40 miles per gallon. I am getting old and math in my head
is becoming difficult.

Sunoco, as you may know, is the official fuel of NASCAR. As far as I
know, this is the first time I have put Sunoco gas in my car. I wonder
if this knowledge will entice me to drive like a race car driver.

I am becoming more convinced that all BMW drivers (not just 3-series,
all of them) are asses. They speed up, weave in and out of traffic,
which is fine, but they also make horrible predictions about traffic and
frequently get hung up in a slower lane and I sneak back up on them down
the road or at the next traffic light.

I don't understand how it can be that virtually every BMW driver has
such a dumb mindset and drives like such an ass.

Meanwhile, I refueled the minivan and the computer was off in its fuel
economy guess by almost one half of a mile per gallon-- computer said
18.3, actual was 17.824.

And it continues...

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