Friday, October 23, 2009

Tank 211 - 23 October 2010

So the entire family has been sick with an illness of unknown origin
this week, and I stayed home for two and a half days from work. This
delayed my refueling until today, a stretch of 11 days where otherwise
would have been 9 days. I went 448.2 miles on 11.531 gallons of gas,
making for a fuel economy of 38.87 miles per gallon.

I refueled this morning at the incredible Exxon of Woodbridge. But it
turned out that gas, at $2.599 per gallon, was about 12 cents more
expensive than the rather inconvenient Wawa that's an inconvenient mile

Basically, my non-desire to drive to the Wawa, which I didn't know at
the time was so much cheaper, cost me $1.38.

So how did you discover this mythical inconvenient Wawa, Kenny?

Funny you ask, because I passed it as I was driving back to the office
from the Sears Appliance Center. And even then, to get to it I'd have
had to go past it to the next break in the road and make a U-Turn to go
to it.

And the last time I made an effort to go to this Wawa, the air pump was
broken, and that was the main purpose of that particular trip, so I tend
to dislike this Wawa for these reasons. It's inconvenient, and the air
pump was broken one time.

But the Wawas near my home are in great shape and there's usually a wait
at the air pumps. And gas pumps, too.

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