Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tank 209 - 2 October 2009

Deepest apologies for such tardiness. I refueled last Friday and only
now am updating. Probably it's because I achieved a pitiful 36.59 mpg.
I don't think I was driving much different than normal. Perhaps it was
due to an increased number of "in town" trips to soccer games and such.
Yeah, that's what I'll go with.

So I went 418.4 miles on 11.434 gallons. I refueled at the Sheetz, and
paid $2.199 per gallon, which is the cheapest gas since Memorial Day.

I actually received a comment on an earlier post about oil changing. I
wonder now, gentle reader, you change with synthetic oil only once a
year-- how many miles do you drive?

They say the synthetic oil can go much farther intervals before
changing, but I have never looked into it, as each time I go to change
the oil I turn into mister cheapskate and balk at the prices.


  1. The owner's manual for my 2004 Civic species a 7,500 mile oil change interval under normal driving conditions (regular 5W 20, non synthetic).

    I've heard varying opinions about this. One argument is that engineers have greatly improved the engine's efficiency allowing for longer engine oil life & longer oil change intervals is more environmentally friend.

    The other argument is that such a long oil change interval is insane and will doom your car, if you intend to keep it for 200,000+ miles. If you're that guy (someone like me who intends to drive the rust bucket indefinitely) it is cheaper in the long run to change your oil on a 3,000 to 5,000 mile interval.... or so the argument goes.

    I don't know which answer is right. I tend to trust engineers because they do that crazy calculus stuff (on slide rules). To be safe, I usually change my oil ever 5,000 miles.

    be groovy

  2. I also lube the car door hinges with belly button lint. I find this lessens the injurious effect of a slamming car door on one's fingers. I am not sure if any automotive engineers have researched this...

    "Peace Out"