Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tank 208 - 23 September 2009

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the Wawa just shut down a lot later than most
gas pumps. I went 451.7 miles on this tank (last tank was 452.7 miles,
if you recall), and only managed to squeeze in 11.386 gallons of gas at
the local SHEETZ. This is almost three quarters of a gallon less than
the Wawa let me pump in.

So my fuel economy obviously was awesome, 39.67 miles per gallon. But
the average of these two tanks, 38.48 miles per gallon, probably is
closer to about what I got for these two tanks.

The low fuel light came on really late on this tank, 428.6 miles, the
third highest.

I really need to change the oil in this car. It has been nearly 5,000
miles, probably a bit more because I tend to reset the warning light way
after I change the oil. But at 3,000 miles, I looked a the oil dipstick
(trivia: this was the first time I had pulled the dipstick out to check
the oil since this car was purchased!) and the oil still looked golden,
so I let it go.

Now it looks like I've gone 5,000+ miles so I better think about
changing the oil this weekend.

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  1. We only change ours once a year, using synthetic, with no ill effect.