Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tank 207 - 15 September 2009

I put in over 12 gallons of gas into the Mighty Corolla for the first
time yesterday. 452.7 miles on 13.139 gallons, making for mileage of
37.29 mpg.

I got this gas on a hot day, 89 degrees, at the Wawa near my house that
I rarely go to for gas. I wonder if this Wawa just puts in more gas
before the pumps shut off, or if I really had just over one gallon of
gas left in my tank (the Corolla's tank is 13.2 gallons).

Fuel economy was relatively poor, which is odd because the low fuel
light came on at 406.6 miles.

I was worried that I'd actually run out of gas on this tank. The needle
was completely below the markings and covering up the corner edge of the
"E" for empty. Perhaps if I drove every mile like the low fuel warning
light was on, I'd get even better mileage.

On Sunday, we refueled the Cash Cab minivan with 13.448 gallons after
driving 304.4 miles. The trip computer said "23.0" miles per gallon,
but really it worked out to be 22.64 mpg.

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