Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tank 206 - 6 September 2009

So the Mighty Corolla was called into action for a weekend trip to Busch
Gardens in order to get one.. more.. day out of our season passes. The
place was packed with other people who clearly had the same idea. So
the extra 200 miles (100 miles each way) meant I needed to refuel.

Ended up going 446.6 miles on 11.491 gallons for a fuel economy of 38.87
miles per gallon for this tank. This raises my annual average fuel
economy from 37.26 to 37.32 mpg. A couple more tanks of similar fuel
economy will make the annual average beat last year's average fuel
economy of 37.39 mpg. The next goal is to beat my 2007 average of 37.87
mpg. Three months of careful driving ought to get me there.

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