Monday, May 14, 2007

Tank 115 - 14 May 2007

Filled up again at my local Costco with 10.578 gallons. After going 384.0 miles, that worked out to just 36.30 MPG. This was disappointing and the worst mileage in a month. But coming off of a great mileage of near 39 with my last tank, it evened out a little bit.

It appears that, although my pumping style is the same each fill-up -- pump until the first click, count to ten and pump again until the second click -- the amount of gas between the first and second click is sometimes a lot, maybe half a gallon, and sometimes a little, less than a quarter gallon.

With a small gas tank like mine, this difference can affect mileage by half-a-mile-per-gallon.

Overall, the mighty Corolla has returned overall mileage of 36.23 MPG, and averaging 36.68 MPG in 2007.

Interestingly, with all the news of record high gas prices, at $2.789/gallon, gas is just three cents more this May than last May, and well below the highest I have ever paid for gas, $2.959.

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