Wednesday, May 2, 2007

News Anchor Late to Work

Yesterday morning one of the two anchors on the early morning news show
I watch as I eat my Pop Tarts was LATE. She showed up in the middle of
the broadcast and the weathermen (yes, two weathermen at 5:30 in the
morning!) were picking on this girl for being late!

They come back from commercials and you see her rolling fast up to her
spot behind the desk and stopping suddenly at her spot next to Doug,
reaching for a pencil or something off camera, a huge smile on her face,
her hair whipping around as she hurries to her post and she says
something like "welcome back to ABC 7 news. Time for traffic and
weather, let's go to Adam Caskey who's out in the field with StormChaser

And Adam starts his little weather eye report and throws it back to
Brian in the studio:

ADAM: So Brian, did you get a good night's sleep last night?

BRIAN: Why, yes, Adam, I sure did. And you?

ADAM: Oh yeah, Brian! And I got here all ready to be on my live remote
with StormChaser 7 on time this morning!

BRIAN: That's Awesome, Adam! Hey Alison, how did you sleep last night?

ALISON: Brian, I have three alarm clocks and none of them worked!


...or something like that.

If you saw this on Washington DC's channel 7, please let me know if I
have the story right. It seemed like they all had a fun little time
picking on Alison and I hope nothing bad happened to her because she

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  1. Kenny, you would love the news out here. I used to think it was bad in DC, but vegas takes the cake. I've seen people eating, spilling things on themselves, and just all around stupidity. It's a great thing.