Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ranger Tank #3 - Because I Could

Refueled again this morning at the same Wawa as the last two times, but at a different pump. Gas was $3.349/gallon, and I bought 13.036 gallons after driving 332.0 miles. So my mileage for this tank was 25.47 mpg.

When I am driving to work, I notice a sign on the side of the road END MEASURED MILE. Sadly, I don't recall ever seeing the BEGIN MEASURED MILE sign. Well, I saw the END MEASURED MILE sign yesterday and when I got to the interstate, I thought I'd follow those mile markers and see how the Ranger's odometer matched up.

So I looked at th eodometer at a mile marker, and after one mile on the interstate, the odometer moved 0.95 miles.

So if this is in fact true, when I go 95 miles on the odometer, I actually have gone 100 miles. It's a 5% difference. If my odometer is 5% short, and I'm actually going 5% more miles than I think I am going, then my mileage should go up 5% as well, so I'm possibly getting over 26.5 mpg.

Maybe some day I'll get the odometer and speedometer calibrated. Probably not, because I'm cheap.

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