Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ranger Tank 2: The Second One

I refueled this morning in the rain at the same Wawa and same pump I used last time.

I stopped before the fuel gauge got down to one quarter tank, because last time I put in more gas than the owner's manual said was possible and I was just barely below a quarter tank. So I ended up with 13.979 gallons on 355.1 miles, for a fuel economy of 25.40 mpg.

So on two tanks on the Ranger, I am averaging 24.96 mpg, and on the four tanks in the minivan when I drove that, I averaged 24.05 mpg.

The minivan was much faster and more powerful and got almost as good mileage. Probably this is the difference between 1995 truck engineering and 2008 minivan engineering.

But such is life. This is what I have done and now I am living with it.

In a couple of years, one child will go off to college, followed by the others two years later, so in four years everything will be changing again. Probably the car situation will shift around as well. In the meantime I am enjoying the Ranger.

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