Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Partial List of Other Things Jesus Didn't Talk About So They Must Be Okay, Too

1) Speeding
2) Identity theft
3) Internet pornography
4) Junk mail
5) Under-tipping your waitress
5b) Over-tipping your waitress
6) Cannibalism
7) Skipping school
8) Sleeping at work
9) Abuse of the 911 system
10) Bulimia
11) Cutting
12) Playground bullying
13) Crush films
14) Twerking
15) Fur coats
16) Cheating at sports
17) Universal health care
Just because Jesus didn't have anything to say on a certain topic doesn't make it okay, and it definitely doesn't mean that He endorses it.
Jesus loved all people, that's true. He also rebuked sinners and told them to sin no more, showing that it is possible to love the sinner but hate the sin. Unfortunately, many people today seem to have forgotten this part, as they immediately marginalize anybody who tries to make that point, marking them as intolerant bigots.
If you have the ability to do something, that doesn't mean you absolutely should and must do it. And it doesn't mean that you can put other people down who disagree with it.
There's no calm discussion about anything any more. People immediately take it to intensity level 100% and demonize their opponents that disagree. How is that right? Oh, it's because Jesus didn't have anything to say about it. My bad...

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