Monday, February 25, 2013

Tank 343 - 22 Feb 2K12- No reason to FREAK OUT; Gas cost about this much last year at this time, too!

I refueled last Friday evening at the Fat Mart near my local library (not the Fas Mart near my home, because I was at the library and there's a Fas Mart there, too), after going 382.7 miles on the tank. 10.601 gallons later, my mileage was calculated to be 36.10 mpg.

This is notable just because it's the first tank of over 36 mpg since October last year.

Gas at the Fas mart was $3.659 on Friday. I say that because the national media if causing general mayhem and terror amongst the masses at how freakishly expensive gas is nowadays, and how we could be looking at $4.00/gallon gas before Memorial Day!


Flashback to last February 27, gas was $3.579/gallon. Yes, it was within 8 cents of what I just paid for gas. For a large SUV-sized tank of gas, this is less than two dollars per tank difference.

Last Memorial Day weekend, gas had actually gone back down to $3.499/gallon.

Truly nothing to really go nuts about.

But I guess people have to go nuts about something or another just to make ourselves feel like we're making a difference.

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  1. No sooner you posted this than they lowered the prices at our local stations by 5 cents / gal. The addicts ought to give a shout out to their dealers over in West Africa, South America, and the Mid East!