Friday, January 4, 2013

Tank 339 - 2 January 2K13 (Starting Off Right)

I put 11.394 gallons of gas in the Mighty Corolla on Wednesday, after driving it 398.9 miles, so my mileage was a measley 35.01 mpg. The gas was acquired at the Sheetz near the Wegman's near my home.

It had been 21 days since I had last put in gas. That's almost three weeks, and was the second longest stretch of time between tanks ever in the more than eight years of owning this car.

This will be an interesting yesr for the Corolla. It will be an entire year with the new shorter commute, so I expect my total miles driven to plummet, relatively speaking. Also, because historically my jobs didn't encourage taking vacations, I have been a "leave hoarder" and never really taken much time off. I've also job-hopped almost regularly and thus never really stockpiled bunches of time off. But now I have a nice job working for the Man, and I don't plan on leaving it, and in the past years I am now in the proper spot where I sit on a pile of vacation time and most all additional time off that I accumulate this year is of the "use it or lose it" variety.

I do not intend on losing it.

So there's probably going to be at least two complete weeks off, and more than a few long weekends. That means even fewer days going to work. SO fewer miles driven, so less gas used... However, my mileage apparently is now no longer special on account of how my normal commute is now on twisty country roads, which are fun to drive on but not that good for fuel economy.

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