Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tank 290 - 8 September 2K11 (Late Report and Depressing News)

So last week I refueled at a different gas station, a Sheetz in "Central Park" (which is neither central nor a park). At least I think it was the Sheetz there. Probably it was. Anyway, I immediately knew there would be trouble because I had driven 441.9 miles on this tank and the pump first shut off at only 10.8 gallons. I waited about 5 seconds and then continued on pumping the pump until the second click, which is my standard measure of filling the tank, but it clicked off again at 11.036 gallons.

Crap. Another confirmation that gas pumps have different limits of automatically shutting off.

So it made for an impressive-looking mileage of 40.04 mpg for this tank. But I'm not enthusiastic here because I'm halfway through this next tank and the fuel indicator is much lower than it tends to be at this many miles.

I normally can go about 250 miles before the needle is right at the middle of the "full-empty" arc. The needle was in the middle yesterday, and I had only gone about 220 miles.

If I refuel at probably any other gas station than this Sheetz I just went to, I'm going to put in more gas than I probably actually used, so my mileage will look pitiful for this tank.

Please enjoy this fun picture that's not relevant to the despair I am currently feeling about this situation.

Some other housekeeping news, my car's odometer read 114,549 at this fill-up, and the total of all my tanks was 114,489.7, a difference of 59.3 miles. Last time I checked in on this, the difference was 58.3 miles. But the time before was 58.6, so there's no clear pattern emerging.


  1. Do you shove the fuel nozzle into your car's filler tube the same way each time?