Monday, January 24, 2011

Tank 265 - 21 January 2K11

I refueled on my way home on Friday at the Wawa in Stafford!

I put in 10.925 gallons of 10% ethanol-enhanced gasoline after driving
402.6 miles, making for a fuel economy of 36.85 miles per gallon. This
continues my almost exactly one-mile-per-gallon domination over the
first three tanks of 2K10.

All, however, is not well. I spent $87.94 on my first three tanks in
2010, and $100.55 on the first three tanks of this year - a more than
14% increase in the price of gas!

But I worry not, as I know the government will take care of me.

I am starting to think about the statistic "gallons per 100 miles,"
after reading that it provides a more easier to understand method.
Something about it's easier to see the magnitude of difference between
16 and 18 miles per gallon vs. 34 and 36 miles per gallon, when the
"gallons per 100 miles" number is used.

But I haven't looked at any data to see how the "gallons per 100 miles"
number shifts or jumps with changes to fuel economy.

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  1. In Europe, it's liters per 100km