Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tank 264 - 11 January 2K11

Refueled Tuesday morning at the same place I refueled last time, the
Sunoco of Woodbridge. Gasoline was $2.999 per gallon, and that turned
out to be the least expensive gasoline I saw all day. Also it turns out
that I have gotten gas only at this Sunoco so far this year.

The car had gone 415.1 miles and accepted 10.983 gallons of gas for its
effort, making for fuel economy of 37.79 miles per gallon. This is a
good number for wintertime, and I am confident it is primarily due to
the fact that I have been doing my best to draft behind tractor trailers
on my commutes.

What's notable is that I spent an uncomfortable amount of time drafting
behind these tractor trailers going 70 to 75 miles per hour. I was
concerned that the additional speed would cancel out any improvement in
my fuel economy, but clearly that was not the case, as there was a
little increase over recent tanks. Indeed, fuel economy this tank was
more than one mile per gallon better than the average of my last five
tanks, that's about 3.1% higher.

Plus, I have been getting home much faster, but that may be due to
lighter traffic in general.

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  1. Almost bought fuel for our car the other day. Would have been the first time since Dec 12 2010. But I forgot my wallet, so it'll have to wait til another day! Crappy mileage in winter - 20-25mpg around town in a subcompact wagon.