Monday, December 27, 2010

Wrap-Up 2K10

I refueled with 44 tanks of gas this year, which is 10% more tanks than
last year. But I also had that class in Maryland that I drove to each
day for six weeks, which more than explains the increrase. Also, thanks
to the large blissard "SNOWMAGEDDON" and the associated days off, there
were fewer days I actually drove to and from work.

I averaged one tank every 8.25 days, which is more frequently than my
average of once every 8.33 days.

Each tank took me an average of 422.2 miles on 11.413 gallons, which are
each my new high average, making for an average fuel economy of 34.02
miles per gallon. That's 0.43 miles per gallon less than last year, but
about half a mile per gallon higher than my overall average.

The mighty Corolla went past 100,000 miles this year, and I still have
never had the brake pads replaced!

Looking forward to 2K11!

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  1. "Blissard"? What are you? French?!