Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tank 259 - 23 November 2K10

My delinquency in sending along these updates is appalling.


Last tank provided 36.55 miles per gallon, after going 421.7 miles on
"11.537 gallons." The gas cap was on the opposite side of the pump I
drove up to, so the filler nozzle was all sideways and the hose was
stretched tight to refuel.

They say the filler nozzle needs to be "up and down" in order for the
shutoff mechanism to work properly, and this time it was more or less
sideways. This may have resulted in putting in more gas than other
pumps ordinarily would permit.

If this was the case, then my next tank ought to show outstanding
mileage, since I'd be replacing a lot of gas with a little less gas and
calculating the mileage on a smaller figure. We'll see.

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