Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tanks 254 & 255 + One for the Minivan

I refueled the mighty Corolla twice this month, but the car was taken
off to a weeklong class in Lynchburg before I could get the fuel economy
data. It worked out pretty good, as the week the mighty Corolla was
gone was a week where it was not driven by me, and got the worst mileage
since March 2009!

The last tank I drove went 447.4 miles on 11.527 gallons, making for
fuel economy of 38.81 mpg, but the very next tank, driven primarily by
an adult living in my house who is not me, went 406.8 miles on 11.934
gallons- 34.09 miles per gallon!

Meanwhile, during the switcheroo week, I drove the minivan, taking it
418.4 miles on 17.551 gallons of gas, which was a mileage number of 23.8
miles per gallon. When I got the minivan, it had gone about 50 miles on
the tank and the trip computer indicated a fuel economy to that point of
about 18 mpg. When I refueled about 375 miles later, the trip computer
indicated 23.7 mpg. Normally this number is about 20 - 20.5 mpg, but
honestly it was almost all highway miles as I drove it to work for the

The driver does make a difference in fuel economy. But we all knew

Bernoulli will be happy to learn that I used my bike pump to add more
air to one of the mighty Corolla's tires as it was leaving for the week.

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  1. We ran over a screw, puncturing a van tire. So I pumped up that tire, after patching it, from 0 psi to 35psi, with the bike pump. Took just over 200 puffs of air!