Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tank 223 - 17 February 2K10

Fifteen days later, I added more gas to the mighty (and not recalled for
steering, brakes, or gas pedal issues) Corolla. The great snowstorms
canceled work for several days, so my days between tanks average has
increased to 11.2 days for the year.

The Corolla was called into around-town duty for three days as I took
two of the kids on a road trip to New York last weekend, so my fuel
economy was not that great - 34.77 mpg after putting in 11.198 gallons
for 389.3 miles traveled.

I am pretty close to hitting 86,000 miles with this car. It has taken
over five years. Only another 100,000 miles and I will have gone as far
as light can go in just one second!

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