Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tank 220 - 13 January 2010

This morning I had the fine opportunity to refuel my car in 24 glorious
degrees of breezy darkness. At the Wawa on Route 3 East, I attended the
pumping of 10.892 gallons of 10% ethanol gasoline after going 402.3
miles. This made for a fuel economy of 36.94 miles per gallon, which is
not the greatest, but since it's been so cold I suppose it's okay.

Looks like the trend in gas prices is increasing again. This may bode
well for me, as last time gas spiked over $3.00 and higher, there were a
lot fewer SUVs and large pickup trucks and more small cars, which let me
see things ahead with more clarity and I believe traffic ran more
smoothly with more uniformity among the vehicle sizes on the road.

I don't mind it when gas prices increase. Like Calvin's dad said, I
hope it goes up to five bucks a gallon.

Even though gas expenses are a small percentage of peoples' incomes,
people freak out and drastically change their driving habits when it
goes higher. I hope news stations report on "increased pain at the
pump" and this time the prices stay high.

Who really needs to be driving the large F-350 trucks alone, to and from
an office job? Who needs to drive the bug Hummer or Expedition or
Suburban alone, to go work in a cube farm? Really, I don't see the
point of it. And when gas gets more expensive, these small-weinered
egomaniacs realize that they are barely able to afford their fake
ostentatious lifestyle so they start driving the spare econobox, and
that makes my life easier.

Here's to a great 2010. May gas prices rise and never fall again!

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