Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tank 203 - 11 August 2009

This morning I refueled at the strong Exxon of Woodbridge. Gasoline was
$2.599 per gallon, a full 34 cents more per gallon than the last time I
refueled 9 days ago.

On this tank, I drove 467.4 miles, 8.6 miles farther than I had ever
gone before on a tank in this car. The low fuel light turned on at
424.7 miles, which was not a record but still really good. At this gas
station, I pumped in 11.495 gallons, making for a fuel economy this tank
of 40.66 miles per gallon.

I don't know what to make of this, seeing on how last tank was such
crappy mileage. Perhaps the world's slowest gas pumps allow me to put
in so much more gasoline that fuel economy looks bad. But I thought of
that this morning and slowed down the Exxon pump as it passed 10
gallons, hoping that reduced turbulence in the tank would in some way
mitigate this issue.

Still, keeping track of fuel economy over the long haul ought to level
out these individual peaks and valleys.

This tank raised my fuel economy for the year to 37.22 miles per gallon.
I have spent $563.63 on gas this year and driven over 10,000 miles so

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