Monday, August 3, 2009

Tank 202 - 2 August 2009

I had the unfortunate pleasure/mistake of refueling at the World's
Slowest Gas Pump yesterday. It was so slow that I stopped at the first
click. It was so slow that the guy who pulled up at the opposite side
pump actually swiped his credit card, punched in the ZIP code, started
pumping, decided it was too slow, replaced the pump, got his receipt,
and drove away before I was done with one gallon. It was torture.

To make it even worse, after 11.782 tedious gallons and 414.3 miles, it
was only 35.16 miles per gallon. This was an unusually large amount of
gas for this car.

How I dislike the local Valero.

On another, more positive note, the Cash Cab was also refueled recently,
and after that vehicle went 382.6 miles, the trip computer reported 23.4
miles per gallon. We squoze 16.486 gallons in there, making for an
actual mileage of 23.21 mpg, which is pretty good both for the minivan
and also as a correlation with the trip computer.

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