Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Minivan Trip Computer of Deception!

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to refuel the green
minivan yesterday, which I really wanted to do because I secretly put in
the two ounces of acetone that allegedly was going to increase the fuel

Sadly, it appears there has been little to no effect.

The trip computer indicated fuel evonomy of 17.7 miles per gallon, which
is a shade higher than the 17.6 mpg the computer showed last time.
However, when I took the time to crunch the numbers (259.9 miles on
15.390 gallons), the tank gave us just 16.89 miles per gallon.

All of this was around town mileage, and it took us twelve days to go
that far.

This makes me wonder if those trip computers on Priuses are really
accurate. If my minivan's computer is off by 5%, then conceivably a
Prius that is off by the same amount will not be delivering 41 miles per
gallon, but 39, which is about what I can achieve on my regular old (yet
Mighty) Corolla.

I am curious to know if other car trip computers are wrong by so much.

On another front, I was once again able to use the pumps at Costco.
Although I cancelled my membership, the gas pumps still let me use them.

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