Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Down In Flames Together

So yesterday evening I had the opportunity to be driving the green
minivan as I took three kids to baseball practice. The gas tank was
getting low, and I decided to refuel on the way home. The trip computer
indicated an average fuel economy of 18.9 miles per gallon for the tank
of gas. This includes a trip to Washington, DC, to see the cherry
blossoms, so about 100 of the 320 miles of the tank were highway miles.
This is sort of unusual. Most of the time, the trip computer shows
about 17.6 miles per gallon over the life of a tank, as we generally use
the green minivan to make short trips around town.

I recall reading that the acetone trick sees greater results in bigger
engines that drive around town. Since the Mighty Corolla had not shown
any ill-effects from the one ounce of acetone added to its last tank, I
jumped on this unexpected opportunity to perform a blind test with the

"This is my chance!" I thought. Upon arriving home, after putting in
over 16 gallons of gas into the minivan's tank at Costco, I poured a
little more than 2 ounces of acetone into the tank, and followed it up
with a little trickle of gas from our lawnmower gas can to wash it down.

My wife does not know of this experiment, so it will be quite
interesting to see if the new tank of gas provides any difference in
fuel economy. This tank might give me my own proof that this either
works or does not work to increase fuel economy. I have read stories
that it does work, and stories that it does not work. Some time this
month, I expect to have some news to report that will add to one side of
these arguments.

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