Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Change in Driving Habits?

This week has had two separate news reports about the increasing price
of gasoline. One reported an increase of nine cents per gallon over the
last two weeks, and the other reported something similar, like a nickel
in the last week.

As I drove to work today, I noticed fewer people passing me, and a
definite line of people like me in the slow lane going about 65 miles
per hour.

Of course, this was offset by a handful of people who used the other two
lanes to totally weave in and out of other cars to fly ahead of

Still, this morning I noticed that it appeared some people, at least,
were indeed changing their driving habits to get more miles per gallon.
I also noticed that most of these vehicles were pickup trucks and SUVs,
and the cars that darted in and out of traffic were small 4-door sedans.

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