Monday, March 17, 2008

60 Pieces?

I have a can of Eclipse peppermint gum in my cube at work. It
advertises 60 pieces inside. It also recommends a serving size of 2
pieces, so I take 2 at a time. As far as I know, I am the only one who
takes gum out of this can, as it's behind a door and not publicly

Today I took out 2 pieces, and just one piece remains inside. So I
wonder, did I get 59 pieces, or 61? Or did someone take an odd number
when I was out of my cube? And if someone took an odd number of gum
pieces, what else has been taken from my cube without my knowledge?

I hope I don't get to the point of tracking my gum consumption. That
might just be overkill.

I took the minivan into work this morning. We rented a lawn aerator on
Friday and I returned it to the rental store today on my way into work.
I filled up the van with gas first, and that tank told me it got 18.6
mpg, but when I actually did the math, it turned out to be even worse,
at 17.93 miles per gallon. Granted, mostly in town miles, but still
it's pretty poor.

The trip computer now reads a bit over 25 mpg for my 34 mile trip to
work on the new tank. Likely it's a little worse than that.

I am sure happy I don't drive this van every day. It uses a LOT more
gas than the mighty Corolla.

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