Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tank 372 - 17 Dec 2K13 - End of Year Wrap Up

Tomorrow is the last day I'm driving to work for the year, so it's probable that the mighty Corolla will be parked in the garage until 2014. Except that the check engine light is on and probably I'll drive it to the car shop to get that fixed.

So the other day I refueled at the Sheetz. Since the check engine light was on, I put in super unleaded for the very first time.

The check engine light is still on.

Last winter, the check engine light came on, but then it turned to spring and the light turned off. Now it's back and still on, even in the warm-ish days. I replaced the gas cap but still nothing. The car has over 148,000 miles on it. So that's a pretty good track record without much time getting fixed.

So this last tank of the year, the 34th tank of the year, gave me 36.4 mpg. For the year my fuel economy is 35.85 mpg, which is the worst ever.

I spent $1226.11 on gas this year, which was about $200 less than last year. Gas averaged $3.278/gallon, about 20 cents cheaper than last year, but otherwise is the second most expensive average for gas since we bought the car in 2005.

At 34 tanks for the year, this is the fewest trips to the gas station since the one month we had it in 2005. I am averaging 40.77 tanks per year, so that's good news.

Happy Christmas to all.

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