Monday, May 20, 2013

Tank 350 - 18 May 2K13 - Flies in the Gasoline

I refilled the tank of the Mighty Corolla yesterday. I also changed the oil as well. The car had gone 375.4 miles, and I put in 10.628 gallons, making for a mileage of 35.32 mpg. Pretty good, I guess, particularly since I didn't make much effort to curb my driving to work on good mileage. Maybe I just had fewer in-town little trips to bring my mileage down even further.

So I changed the oil, too. Last time I went to the dump, I saw that in addition to oil recycling, they have a used oil filter drop off location as well. Great, I thought, because I usually always have an used oil filter after changing the oil, so I was happy to see I could drop that off for recycling as well.

But NO! I went to the dump on Sunday afternoon and the area where the oil filters are dropped was closed and locked! Behind a chain-link fence!

Crap. But still, I dropped off my used oil filter right there where the oil went. I figure somebody'll see it there and take it to the right place when it's open.

This time last year, I had spent $680.86 on gas and had driven 7267.4 miles. This year, it's been $436.21 on gas and 4582.1 miles. Gas is averageing about 25 cents less per gallon this year over the same period of time last year...

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