Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tank 245 - 21 July 2K10

I refueled today just before lunch at the 7-11 near where I work.
Sometimes I use the parking lot at this store as a cut-through bypass
around an exceptionally long red light on my way home. Instead of
waiting for the light in a long line of cars, I turn right, go about 30
feet, then turn left into this 7-11 and can cut through the parking lot
to exit and turn right to get back on the same road I was on, thus
bypassing all those suckers who wait.

So getting gas there, while perhaps a few pennies more per gallon, is a
fair price to pay for the convenience I sometimes wrench from its
parking lot.

Anyway, I went 415.3 miles and put in 11.309 gallons, making for fuel
economy of 36.72, which is okay, but I took this red car around town a
lot over this past weekend, with a lot of start/stop traffic.

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  1. I don't "wrench" my conveniences.