Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tank 180 - 15 January 2009

Well, I am not carpooling as much any more, so I am spending more
commuting time focusing on drafting behind 18-wheelers and coasting down
steep hills. It appears to be working, as this tank took me 424.1 miles
(405.2 miles before the low fuel light came on) on 10.924 gallons,
making for fuel economy of 38.82 miles per gallon. Had I stopped at the
first shutoff click, it'd have been 40 mpg, but that'd have made my next
tank look worse I am sure.

I am pleased with this tank of gas, as normally my fuel economy is low
when it is cold outside. It was 25 degrees when I refueled this
morning. Although my records don't show a huge difference, last January
when it was 26 degrees, that tank gave me 37.92 miles per gallon.
Still, that's about a 2% smaller number.

Next week, a new coworker will be starting, who happens to live in my
neighborhood. Perhaps we will feel comfortable enough with each other
to agree to carpool some times. That would be even better than my
current plan, as in theory I could walk to my neighbor's house to start
the carpool.

But let's not put the cart before the horse here.

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